Terms & Conditions of Public Storage Facilities

Public Storage Definition:

Airattix has tied up with various Commercial property owners to use some idle spaces in their properties to set up a Public Storage facility. These facilities are managed by Airattix Storage Pvt Ltd. Airattix and the facility owner have an internal agreement for usage of the storage spaces for a certain period of time.

Ownership of the property:

The Storage facility will be owned by the Host (Property owner) at all times. It will be only managed and operated by Airattix.

Scope of Airattix:

Airattix will be the operational partner managing the customer’s booking requests on behalf of the hosts.

Airattix will receive the payments from the customers and pass on the same deducting Airattix commission to the hosts as per the agreed terms of payments.

Airattix will be responsible to maintain proper reconciliation of accounts.

It is the responsibility of the company the maintain the online portal in operational condition to make sure the customer can do hassel free booking of storage spaces Airattix will provide proper wrapping material to the host to cover the goods once the material is shifted

Airattix will provide proper advance intimation to the Host regarding the shifting of the customers goods in or out of the storage facility.

Responsibility of the Host:

The host will be responsible to nominate a supervisor to monitor the to and fro movement for the goods from the storage facility.

The host will be responsible for the maintenance of the storage premises by doing basic house keeping solutions and checking for any water seepages, maintaining proper lighting, ventilation etc.

The host will taking proper fire safety measures in the storage premises.

The host will be responsible for the safety of the goods once they are shifted in the premises.

Once the customers goods are shifted to the storage premises they become a responsibility of the host and the host has to take proper measures maintain the goods in proper condition.

The host will have to make sure that space allocated to the Airattix will be free of encumbrances through out the period of the agreement.

Payment Terms:

The customer will be making the payment to Airattix and Airattix will further pay the rent amount to the host after deducting the service charge on the agreed payment terms and conditions.

Airattix will pay the host on monthly basis against the rent amount.


Incase the Host wants to terminate the agreement it has to duly inform Airattix in writing or on the official email and with a 60 days prior notice. Airattix will not be accepting any new bookings in the time of notice period.

The host has to safeguard the interest of the existing customers and make sure they keep the space available till the termination of the existing client’s agreements.
The existing Airattix customers will not be allowed to renew their booking incase of termination of the agreement.