Frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. What are the payment methods?

    You can pay by Credit card/Debit cards and via Internet Banking facility. All Visa, Mastercard, Mastero and Rupay cards are accepted via the portal.

  2. How to create a profile?

    Creating a profile is mandatory to the host or the customer who wants to rent a space. You can create the profile in the following easy steps:

    • Fill up all your personal information i.e. full name, address details, and contact details.
    • Upload your profile photo and government registered photo id

    (It is mandatory for the Hosts to provide their bank details while accepting bookings)

  3. How to host your property?

    • If you want to host a storage space or a parking spot, first you will need to fill up all your personal details and complete your profile.
    • You can find the Host Your Space option on the top right corner of the home page or you can click on the following link
    • Then you will have to fill up all the details of the vacant space (storage space or car park) along with the photographs of the property.
    • You can select which dates are unavailable for rental and block them accordingly.
    • Probable customers will request you to book your space via the portal. The customer will be able to confirm the booking by making the payment only after you approve the request.
  4. When will the host receive the payment of the booking?

    The host will receive the payment on the fifth working day after commencement of the booking in case of the goods storage.

    In case of car park rental the host will receive the payment within 24 hours if the agreement is upto or less than 7 days . If the agreement duration is more than 7 days then the host will receive the payment on the fifth working day.

  5. How to rent a space?

    You can search a probable listing by filling up all the required details. Once you finalize a particular listing which you would like to rent, you can request the host for booking the space after registering your profile. Once the host approves your request, you can check-out by making the payment and confirming the booking.

  6. Does the customer have to pay any penalty for cancellation of the agreement before commencement?

    • If the customer cancels the rent agreement 48 Hours prior to the commencement of the booking for goods storage and 24 hours prior for car park, then the entire booking amount will be refunded except the service charges paid to Airattix.
    • If the customer cancels the agreement within 48 Hrs of the commencement of the booking for goods storage and 24 hours prior for car park then the following terms will be applicable.
      • If the agreement duration is up to 1 month then customer will not receive any refund.
      • If the agreement duration is more than 3 months, then 25% of the rent amount paid in advance against the booking will be refunded to the customer within 7 working days after termination of the agreement.
  7. What if the host cancel’s the agreement ?

    If the host cancels the rent agreement prior to the commencement of the booking, then the entire booking amount will be refunded to the customer except the service charges paid to Airattix.

    • The host will be liable to pay 25% of the total agreement amount of the subsequent booking to Airattix as penalty for cancellation.
    • The hosts listing calendar will be blocked for the dates, the cancelled reservation was due to take place and they wont be able to accept another booking for the same dates. Incase the host wants to justify the cancellation to release the dates for rebooking, he can mail airattix legal team on Team of Airattix will review the authenticity of the cancellation and decide the further course of action.
  8. What will be the penalty for the customer for premature termination of the agreement?

    • If the agreement is for more than a month duration and if the customer terminates the agreement after commencement, then rent of the entire ongoing month will be deducted, and the balance rent amount for the successive months will be refunded (except service charge paid to airattix)
    • If the agreement is of one month or less duration and the customer decides to terminate the agreement after commencement then the total amount will be deducted and no refund will be processed.
    • One month will be considered as a 30 days.
  9. What will be the penalty for the host for premature termination of the agreement?

    • If the host terminated the agreement before the expiry of the said agreement then in that case the host agrees to reimburse entire rent amount of that particular month to AirAttix in which he terminates the agreement within 7 days from the date on which the host receives invoice for reimbursement from AirAttix Storage Pvt. Ltd on his registered email address. In-case of Goods Storage an additional charge of Rs. 1000/- will be added to the reimbursement bill as a transport cost incurred by the customer, which the Host will have to reimburse.
    • If the host fails to reimburse the said amount within stipulated time then the host gives every right to AirAttix to recover the amount from the host by exhausting all legal remedies at the disposal of AirAttix and to block and/or remove the account of the host from the AirAttix platform till the amount is recovered.
    • The hosts listing calendar will be blocked for the dates, the entire duration of the terminated agreement and he won’t be able to take another booking for those dates until all the dues he is liable to pay to AirAttix Storage Pvt. Ltd are cleared.
  10. What is the compensation to the customer if the host terminates the agreement?

    The customer will receive a complete refund of the rent amount paid in advance against the booking amount for the month in which the agreement is terminated and the subsequent months. The Service charge paid to AirAttix against the booking will not be refunded in any case. The customer will receive Rs. 1000/- in addition recovered from the host as a penalty for transportation charges.

  11. What if there are damaged goods?

    If at the end of the agreement the customer finds out that the goods are damaged then he will have to resolve the issue amicably with the host. Airattix will not be liable for the damaged goods.

    The host will have to check the goods condition while getting them stored in their respective storage spaces at the time of commencement of the agreement to avoid further issues.

  12. What are the check in and check out time?

    Check in will be 10 am and checkout will be 9 am. The customer will have to vacant the storage space and the parking lot on or before 9 am on the last day of the agreement. Incase of delay additional charges can be incurred.

  13. What if someone wants to extend the agreement?

    If the customer wants to extend the agreement he will have to rebook the storage space before the termination of the ongoing agreement as per the availability.

  14. What is the minimum & maximum agreement period that can be booked?

    Minimum agreement period for Car park is 3 days and for Goods Storage is 1 month. Maximum agreement period is 3 months, after which the customer will have to rebook the space as per the availability.

  15. What if the actual space is different than the photos from the website?

    The customer can report the issue on

  16. What are the banned goods which cannot be stored at the storage space?

    Following items are strictly prohibited from storage:

    • Perishable goods (food items, vegetables, fruits etc.)
    • Inflammable items
    • Illegal drugs
    • Gold and diamond jewellery
    • Illegal substances
    • Acidic materials
    • Weapons
    • Money/cash
    • Pets
  17. Transportation of goods? Is it a customer’s responsibility?

    Airattix will provide movers and packers service at additional cost if required.

  18. Can one user book or host a multiple properties at a time?

    Yes. You can book or host a multiple properties at a time.

  19. How many times the customer can access/ visit the storage space?

    Customer can access and visit the storage space multiple times by the host’s discretion and consent. The customer will have to confirm the number of visits he would like to have to access the goods at the time of booking itself.

  20. Can the customer put his own lock on the storage space?

    The customer can put his own lock on the storage space with the consent of the Host. In that case the liability of the damage of the goods will be of customer and the Host will not be responsible for the ownership of the goods.

  21. Which properties are listed under public storage facility?

    Airattix has collaborated with commercial property owners and set up Public Storage Facilities across various locations to provide customized storage space and secured car parks to its customers.

    Customers are allocated their required storage area by proper demarcation or in some cases there are lock and key cabins.

    These facilities are managed and marketed by Airattix Storage Pvt. Ltd. The public storage facilities will be governed by the terms and conditions listed on the portal.

    The property which has minimum 10 parking spots and more than 2000 sq.ft. storage area can be listed under Public storage facilities on the portal.

    To list your space under Airattix Public Storage Facilities please mail us
    on or call us on 965-771-1666.