About Us

www.airattix.com is a technology driven digital platform founded in 2019. The portal is managed and marketed by AirAttix Storage Pvt. Ltd.

airattix.com hosts a market place where in people can list and rent out privately owned vacant storage spaces and vacant parking slots for goods storage and car parking respectively.

AirAttix provides a solution to common global problems. Looking at the increased cost of living in metro cities people are going for smaller and compact houses, so they are bound to require extra storage spaces. Likewise in the over populated metros it's hard to find a decent secured parking spot for your valuable cars.

AirAttix provides a platform to resolve the above mentioned issues faced by common man in his day to day life.

AirAttix not only solves the issues of the customers but also creates an opportunity for the hosts to earn extra income from their unused, dormant storage spaces and vacant parking spots.